In my years on this planet, I have been lucky enough to travel to many places, both internationally and domestically.  There have been, and continue to be, funny, unexpected, frustrating, ridiculous moments along the way.  Any time people are involved, I have learned to sit back and relax, there is always a show.  This picture is a great example.  After the last of several trips to India for work, I found myself at a dismal long-stay hotel while I waited to start a new job.  One Saturday morning, I woke up to a lot of noise.  Shuffling outside in my sweats to yell at whoever was making the noise, I was suddenly staring at the fancy hotel across from us where a big (is there any other kind?) Indian wedding was taking place.  So I settled in with the lumberjacks, students and welfare mothers living at our hotel as we all stared at this unexpected glimpse of exotic glamour.  Experiences like this led me to create a show about the things we have in common - what I think of as the fundamental algorithm of being human.